Stockholm Tatuering. Tatueringsstudion på Kungsholmen mitt i Stockholms hjärta. Boka tid för konsultation

Your Tattoo Artist in Stockholm

Tattoostudio at Kungsholmen

About Stockholm Tatuering


Offers long experience and broad competence of different tattoo styles to be able to match the customer's needs. The tattoo studio is owned and operated by a tattoo artist with international skills. He holds both Journeyman and Master letter in Tattooing granted and issued by the Swedish Crafts Council.


Located on Kungsholmen, right by the City Hall's subway entrance. The idea behind the studio is to offer a calm and pleasant environment, both for tattoo artists and clients. 18 years of age and valid identification at the time of tattooing is what applies here. Of course, we stay up to date and follow Swedish color legislation and what it is that applies to the pigments (tattoo colors) we use.

Daniel Boije

Hello there!

My career as a tattoo artist began in 1991, back then I knew about ten openly active practitioners in Sweden,they all wanted a mobile that was as big as a brick, although it cost 2,5 bucks a minute to call them. A couple of years later, everyone would have a hotmail address and hang out on myspace. At about this time I threw myself out of little Sweden and into Europe's arms, the Internet was new and the possibilities were endless. During my year in the US, I heard rumors that they were recording Miami Ink (we laughed then because no one believed it) and then came a lot of other tattoo soaps. Suddenly we were a couple of thousand practitioners in my small

"moderate" country and here we are today, in the middle of all the instagram profiles and influencers. People tattoo themselves at home on someone's couch and celebrities and companies contact me to hire a tattoo artist for a stunt, all to make them or their product appear hip or cool. I do not know if I am so fond of all that, personally I learned early on that work ethic, skills and integrity are high above fame and fortune. In other words, I would rather feel that I have done a good job when I go to bed at night, than to have sold my soul for a fist full of plastic beads.

Tips on Tattooing

I have worked in many different studios around the world, and based on the experience I gained from it, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If the studio markets itself politically and considers itself a little better than everyone else with just the right opinions, just turn in the door and leave in my opinion. I've probably seen and heard most political speeches in a studio, (you can think as you want but only if you think like us) who wants to feel ideologically abused after a tattoo, right?

  • If the studio markets its hygiene, its colors or its material as much better than everyone else's, you can ignore it. In Sweden, we follow the same laws and buy the same materials from the same wholesalers, just like everyone else in the industry. There are material preferences but that's all.

  • Do not trust social media, today any internet jockey can open an account on instagram and post super edited pictures in their profile and call themselves a tattoo artist. If you are unsure, ask to see original photos or a Professional certificate.


Consultation for Tattoo

Large or small - we do them all

We do all types of tattoos and to get the best result, we prefer that you come to a consultation before we book you, simply to know what it is you want, and to know how long we need to book away for you in the calendar. The consultation is free of charge and usually takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

Service hours

Monday - Friday

12:00 - 18:00